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The Cardinal Health Argyle Suction Catheter with Mucus Trap provides a simple design that has been extremely beneficial for the use of collecting mucus that has exited out orally. The capability of the catheter is the benefit of keeping concealed the secretions that have been suctioned out from the patient for the need of collecting and properly discarding of collecting for testing purposes.

The included mouthpiece of the Cardinal Health 8888257527 Argyle 10 French Suction Catheter Tubing is molded to provide a level of comfort taken by example from other mouthpieces on the market to find the most suitable form. The suction catheter also comes with a whistle tip with a slide-tex finish to properly get the job done without any complications to the procedure.

A transparent design of the Cardinal Health 8888257535 Argyle Oral 8 French Suction Catheter with Mucus Trap will help you or your doctor to visually see the mucus that is coming out in order to keep an eye on it in the case it were to get stuck and build up inside the line you can clean it correctly. The collection container has a 20 milliliter graduated markings on the side of it in order to properly measure the mucus clearance for testing.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Oral Suction Capability
  • Includes a Molded Mouthpiece
  • Whistle Tip Catheter with Slide-Tex Finish
  • Transparent Design
  • 20 Milliliter Graduated


    Argyle Non-Vented Suction Catheter w/ 20 mL Graduated Mucus Trap

    SKU: 8888257527
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: CardinalHealth
      • Brand: Argyle
      • Product SKU: 8888257527, 8888257535
      • Application: Suction Catheter
      • Attachments: With 20 Milliliters Graduated Mucus Trap with Removal Cap
      • HCPCS: A9270
      • Material: PVC
      • Sterility: Sterile
      • Tip Style: Whistle Tip
      • Vent Type: NonVented
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