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Cardinal Health Argyle Suction Catheter Trays with Sterile Water are packaged for convenient and efficient suctioning for patients with a tracheostomy. Choose from a variety of suction catheters with chimney valve and whistle tip. The trays are packaged sterile complete with the size of catheter, 100 mL bottle of sterile water and powder-free nitrile gloves. Suction Catheter 12191 offers an additional drop towel.

Argyle Graduated Suction Catheter Trays are designed to apply with minimal trauma with high air flow for increased suctioning of mucus in the upper airway. Cardinal Health, formerly Covidien, manufactures this tray with French sizes 10, 12 and 14.

This style of sterile Argyle Suction Catheter trays are also available without sterile water.

Features and Benefits

    Convenient Sterile Tray for Catheter Suctioning
    Offers Easy Insertion into Endotracheal Tubes
    High Air Flow
    Uncompromised Suctioning
    Packaged Sterile

Argyle Suction Catheter Trays with Chimney Valve & Sterile Water

SKU: 10102
  • Product Specifications

    • Manufacturer: Cardinal Health
    • Brand: Argyle
    • Product Number: 10102, 10122, 10142, 12191
    • Quantity: Each, Case of 24
    • Catheter French Sizes: 10, 12, 14
    • Sterile: Yes
    • Sterile Water Size: 100 mL
    • Kits Contain: Suction Catheter with Chimney Valve, Exam Glove, 100 mL Sterile Water; Additional Towel with 12191
    • Application: Suction Catheter Tray
    • Tip Style: Whistle
    • HCPCS Code: A4624
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