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Bivona TTS Cuffed Neonatal Tracheostomy Tubes, by Smiths Medical, are made with features that benefit both the young patient and the caregiver. The Bivona line of trach tubes are made of soft silicone, which is the most comfortable material among most trach lines. The TTS cuff (tight-to-shaft) is a design by Portex that allows the cuff to deflate almost flush against the trach shaft and mimics a cuffless tube.

Like the Bivona Adult TTS trach tubes, the TTS Neonatal tube, while completely deflated, adds no distinguishable dimension to the outer diameter of the tube's shaft, yet it can be partially or completely inflated for varied airway management needs.

The Bivona TTS Cuffed Neonatal trach tube is designed using inert silicone for sensitive skin and stoma areas, which is common for newborn skin. The silicone shaft is wire reinforced to minimize the risk of kinking. The 'V' neck flange is contoured to conform to the neck shape. For the straight flange variety, look to the Bivona TTS Cuffed Neonatal with Straight Neck Flange trach tubes.

Bivona TTS Cuffed Neonatal Tracheostomy Tubes Features and Benefits

  • The are made of soft, flexible silicone, best for a newborn.
  • Offers the TTS technology with a cuff that can deflate flat against the shaft.
  • They can be reprocessed up to five times.
  • The contoured 'V' neck prevents skin irritation with some newborns.
  • The tube is reinforced with wire to prevent kinking.


    Bivona TTS Cuffed Neonatal Tracheostomy Tubes

    SKU: 67N025
    • Bivona TTS Cuffed Neonatal Tracheostomy Tubes Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Smiths Medical
      • Sterility: Sterile
      • Included: Tube, Obturator, and Twill Trach Tie
      • Sizes:
        • Outer Diameter: 4.0mm, 4.7mm, 5.3mm, 6.0mm
        • Inner Diameter: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm
        • Length: 30.0mm, 32.0mm, 34.0mm, 36.0mm
      • Manufacturer Numbers: 67N025, 67N030, 67N035, 67N040
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