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It is simular to the PMV2000 speaking value except for its smaller profile. It is clear in color but is more lightweight and offers a closed position "no leak" valve that attaches to the Premier Medical or Pilling Weck brand metal Jackson Improved sizes 4 through 6 or equivalent trach tubes. It is used for both short-term and long-term tracheostomized patients that are non-ventilator dependent. The PMV2020 serves adults, pediatric and neonatal trach patients.

    CLEAR NO LEAK LOW PROFILE Tracheostomy Swallowing and Speaking Valve PMV2020

    SKU: PMV2020
    • Specifications

      • Product ID Number: PMV2020.
      • Color: Clear.
      • Inside Diameter: 15mm.
      • Outside Diameter: 23mm.
      • Material: Plastic.
      • Type: Low Profile.
      • User: Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal.
      • Disposable.
      • HCPCS Code: L8501.
      • UNSPSC Code: 42272214.
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