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The Medtronic DAR Adult - Pediatric Electrostatic Filter HME, Heat and Moisture Exchanger, is designed to increase the resistance to gas flow to assist with breathing while protecting against transmission of microorganisms for mechanically ventilated patients. Heat Moisture Exchangers are used to bypass upper airway when patient is under anesthesia or in an intensive care setting. The Electrostatic Filter controls or traps moisture and retains a portion of the patient's exhaled breath and humidifies it to prevent colonization in breathing tube. The filter uses positive charges to attract particles and negative charges to capture particles to effectively remove bacteria to protect the patient's airway and prevent infection.

DAR Electrostatic Filter HME is available in Small and Large in a case of 50. Medtronic also manufactures DAR Mechanical Filters using pleated filters for increased bacterial filtration.

Features and Benefits

  • Filters Bacteria
  • Minimizes Work of Breathing
  • Manages Moisture
  • Prevents Sampling Lines from Blockage


    DAR Electrostatic Filter HMEs

    SKU: 352U5805
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Medtronic, formerly Covidien
      • Product Numbers: 352U5877, 352U5805
      • Quantity: Case of 50 (Small); Each, Case of 50 (Large)
      • Size: Small, Large
      • Tidal Volume: Small (VT 300-1500 mL), Large (VT 150-1200 mL)
      • Connection: (Small) SO 22M/15F - 22F/15M, (Large) ISO 22M/15F - 22F/15M
      • Dead Space: (Small) 49 mL, (Large) 84 mL
      • Weight: (Small) 35g, (Large) 19g
      • Application: Heat and Moisture Exchanger
      • Color: Blue
      • Filter Type: Electrostatic
      • Latex-Free: Yes
      • HCPCS Code: A7013
      • Bacterial/Viral Filtration Efficiency: >99.999%
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