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Kendall Sterile Saline Irrigation Solution is a sterile fluid that is specifically designed for medical use. These saline solutions contain sterile water for irrigation and are meant for maintaining clean conditions to help avoid cross contamination during surgical procedures such as irrigating tracheostomy tubes and supplies. Often times tracheostomy tubes and inner cannulas need cleaning to avoid encrustation and secretion build-up. If using a suction cannula, the solutions of sterilized water could be used to clean the cannula and hose from debris and suction waste.

Kendall Sterile Saline Irrigation Solution contains sterile water for irrigation with a sodium chloride percentage range of 0.855 - 0.945 USP (for NaCI) at a pH between 4.5-7.0 USP. The 'bulk packaging' is for non-descript product packaging while the 'packaged' product includes package material for retail sale.

You might also be interested in similar products that contain sterile water for irrigation, such as Sterile Water Irrigation Solution.

Kendall Sterile Saline Irrigation Solution Features and Benefits

  • The irrigation fluids are packed sterile to prevent cross contamination.
  • They are useful to clear tracheostomy suction cannulas.
  • May be purchased in 100 mL individually packaged eaches or in bulk form not individually packaged.
  • The irrigation fluids come in retail or generic bulk packaging.


    Covidien Sterile Saline Irrigation Solution

    SKU: 1020
    • Kendall Sterile Water and Saline Irrigation Solution Specifications

      • Product Number: 1020, 1022
      • Manufacturer: Kendall
      • Saline Percentage and pH: 0.855 - 0.945 USP ( for NaCI) and the pH 4.5 - 7.0 USP
      • Sterile: Yes
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