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Personal Best Peak Flow Meter Full Range 12/Pack

Item #: HS755-012

Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

This peak flow meter meet or exceed ATS standards for accuracy and precision. They offer an integrated three-zone asthma management system recommended by NAEPP that helps patients comply with treatment regimens. The color-coded indicators can be adjusted to delineate a patient´s green, yellow and red zones based on a personal best peak flow.


  • • 1 year warranty
  • • Full range (60-810 lpm)
  • • Lightweight, self-contained, portable
  • • Sterilizable construction
  • • Built in handle

Personal Best Peak Flow Meter Full Range 12/Pack

SKU: HS755-012
  • * No on hand inventory needed
    * Keep traffic down in the waiting room
    * Free Delivery to Veteran's residential
    * No logistic cost (packing materials etc.)
    * No Veteran appointments needed
    * Increaste patient output

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