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Portex Cuffed DIC Fenestrated Tracheostomy Tubes, by Smiths Medical, are designed with a disposable inner cannula. This tracheostomy tube will allow the patient to breathe through the fenestration and is good for those transitioning from ventilation to unassisted breathing. This Portex design includes a one-piece outer tube that comes with a 15mm ISO termination and is made as part of the tube. The disposable inner cannula allows for easy removal of mucus build-up and helps reduce the possibility of post-procedural infection.

And like the fenestrated disposable inner cannula Portex tube, these cuffed trach tubes have color-coded inner cannula that correspond to the inner diameter measurements. These come with a soft, pliable flange for patient comfort and to help the caregiver view the stoma site for cleaning. The Portex Cuffed Fenestrated Trach tube comes with an abturator, a Velcro trach tube holder, a color-coded inner cannula, and a decannulation cap.

For another Portex line of cuffed trach tubes, look to the Sims Portex Cuffed DIC Trach Tube that is unfenestrated.

Portex Cuffed Fenestrated Tracheostomy Tubes Features and Benefits

  • The tube is designed with a one-piece outer tube that comes with 15mm ISO termination as part of the tube.
  • The inner cannula is color-coded for correct size.
  • Patients can be ventilated with or without the inner cannula in place.
  • The tube flange is soft and pliable to allow the caregiver a good view of the stoma site and is more comfortable for the patient.
  • The fenestration helps patients transition from ventilator to unassisted breathing.


    Portex Cuffed Fenestrated DIC Tracheostomy Tubes

    SKU: 513060
    • Portex Cuffed DIC Fenestrated Tracheostomy Tubes Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Smiths Medical
      • Sterility: Sterile
      • Includes: Obturator, Velcro Trach Tube Holder, Color-coded Inner Cannula, and Decannulation Cap
      • Sizes:
        • Inner Diameter: 6.0mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm, 10.0mm
        • Outer Diameter: 8.5mm, 9.9mm, 11.3mm, 12.6mm, 14.0mm
        • Length: 64.0mm, 70.0mm, 73.0mm, 79.0mm
        • Size/Color: 6.0mm - Orange, 7.0mm - Green, 8.0mm - White, 9.0mm - Blue, 10.0mm - Yellow
      • Manufacturer Numbers: 513060, 513070, 513080, 513090, 513060, 513100
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