Small Cover without Neck band Self-adhering

Pack of 30


Ready Made StomaShield Stoma Cover is a small sized StomaShield designed for laryngectomees. Manufactured by Med Mart, the ReadyMade StomaShield is an effective trach cover for stoma protection. The Ready Made StomaShield Cover is a lightweight stoma cover that is less obtrusive than most trach shields. The lightweight design and its small size make this stoma cover one of the Best StomaShield Covers on the market. Its small size is easily concealable. ReadyMade StomaShield Trach Covers can be worn night and day. The ReadyMade StomaShield can be changed in seconds. A small adhesive strip on the Ready Made Stoma Cover adheres to the skin to keep it in place. ReadyMade is non irritating and hypoallergenic. Ready Made StomaShield is individually packaged in heat-sealed bag.

ReadyMade StomaShield Stoma Cover Features & Benefits

  • Small surface area shield.
  • Flexible material.
  • Lightweight.
  • Self-adhering - an attached adhesive strip keeps the stoma shield in place..
  • Easy and comfortable to wear.


    Ready Made Stomashield Stoma Cover

    • Ready Made StomaShield Stoma Cover Specifications

      • ReadyMade StomaShield Trach Cover Product Number: READYMADE.
      • Size: Small.
      • Application: Laryngectomy Cover.
      • Material: Polyester urethane foam.
      • Non-allergenic.
      • Non-toxic.
      • Individually packaged.
      • Manufacturer: MedMart.
      • HCPCS Code: A4649.