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Shiley Extended-Length Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tubes, by Medtronic, are designed for patients with unique tracheal physiology that calls for an extra long tube to secure a breathing pathway. The Shiley XLT trach tubes have options to choose extended lengths on both sides of the trach shaft: proximal and distal. Besides being cuffless, these trach tubes share much of the same features as the Shiley Extended Length Cuffed Tracheostomy Tubes. The extended tube lengths on these cuffless tubes are in either the distal or proximal regions of the shaft to compensate patients who have either a full/thick neck, or those who have tracheal stenosis, malacia, or long tracheal anatomies.

The Shiley XLT has complementary disposable cannulas, all sized accordingly. The inner cannulas come with a twist lock mechanism to keep them secured. The neck flange is soft, flexible, and swivels freely to give the patient comfort and allows easy inspection of the stoma site. And since it is cuffless, these tubes are good for patients who do not need ventilation and are typically close to getting decannulated.

The Shiley XLT disposable inner cannulas come in four different lengths to fit both these XTL cuffless and cuffed versions.

Features and Benefits

  • The tubes have extended lengths in either the distal or proximal locations of the shaft.
  • The extended lengths are ideal for those with unique neck physiology.
  • The flange is soft, flexible, and swivels freely for patient comfort.
  • The disposable cannulas twist and snap into a fixed position within the outer cannula.


    Shiley XLT Extended-Length Cuffless Tracheostomy Tube

    SKU: 50XLTUD
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Medtronic
      • Latex Free
      • Sizes:
        • Inner Diameters: 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm
        • Outer Diameters: 9.6mm, 11.0mm, 12.3mm, 13.3mm
        • Total Lengths: 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 105mm
        • Proximal Lengths: 5.0mm, 8.0mm, 12.0mm, 15.0mm
        • Distal Lengths: 48.0mm, 49.0mm, 50.0mm
      • Manufacturer Numbers: (Extended Distal) 50XLTUD, 60XLTUD, 70XLTUD, 80XLTUD, (Extended Proximal) 50XLTUP, 60XLTUP, 70XLTUP, 80XLTUD, 80XLTUP
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