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THERMOVENT HEPA Low Dead Space HME Filter, manufactured by Smiths Medical, is a hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter that provides a barrier to both liquid and airborne micro-organisms.

This HME filter protects against bacteria while ensuring minimal resistance to gas flow. The transparent housing allows visual confirmation of contamination with ease.

According to Smiths Medical, these filters have been independently tested and shown to meet the proposed European Standard for viral and bacterial penetration both before and after 24 hours use.

THERMOVENT HEPA HME Filter Features and Benefits

  • Protects Against Liquid and Airborne Contamination
  • Even-Pleated Filter Allows Maximum Filtration Efficiency with Minimal Flow Resistance
  • Deep Pleats Ensure Consistent Gas Flow During Prolonged Use
  • Smooth Edges Provide Patient Comfort
  • Transparent Housing Allows Visualization of Contamination and Performance Confirmation
  • Full Encapsulation of all Cut Edges to Help Avoid Fiber Shredding


    THERMOVENT HEPA 100/585/000 PORTEX Low Dead space HME

    SKU: 100/585/000
    • Product Specifications

      • Connector: 15mm/22mm Conical Connectors to ISO Standards
      • Sterility: Sterile
      • Moisture Loss: 12mg H2o at 250 mL
      • Moisture Output: 25.6mg H2o at 250 mL
      • Resistance Flow: 1.4 hPa at 30 LPM for 6 Hrs
      • Dead Space (Compressible Volume): 45 mL
      • Tidal Volume Range: 150mL to 1200 mL
      • Dry Weight: 29 g
      • Gas Leakage: < ml.min @ 70 hPa
      • Maximum Recommended Use: 24 Hours
      • Item Number: 00585000
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