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About Stream Health Inc.

Headquartered in the Atlanta, GA area, Stream Health Inc. supplies  medical products equipment and components to the healthcare industry. We are committed to providing quality and innovative products that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers in the areas of Sleep Therapy, Advanced Wound Care, Infection Control, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Exam and Diagnostics, and Equipment and Furnishings. Stream Health’s products are used by clinicians in hospitals and clinics, as well as home healthcare service providers. Our goal is to provide products that serve in the advancement of medical treatment .


Mission Statement

Serving the medical needs of Health Care with excellent products and Supreme Customer Service! 


Patient Centered Care

Stream Health appreciates the importance of patient care.  Our proficiency comes from medical professionals with years of experience, specialized expertise and proven results. This provides us leverage to provide a wide array of resources centered around patient care.


Customer Oriented

A key strength of Stream Health is our ability to foster customizable solutions for all types of healthcare facilities.  Stream Health operates under a customer first philosophy and provides quality health care products and above board customer service with the end user in mind.


Streamlined Deliveries

Stream delivers cost effective products to our customers in a quick and efficient manner. Our partnership with our manufacturers allows us to provide lean distribution to pass on the cost savings to our customer.  



In carrying out our mission, Stream Health takes pride in conducting business in an ethical and collaborative manner which, in turn are the driving forces behind our proven results and continued process improvements that enable us to operate in a prudent fashion  for our customer.  

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