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The Mini-Trach II - Non Seldinger Kits, by Smiths Medical, are kits that include essential tools for performing a cricothyrotomy without the use of a guidewire. This is for a non Seldinger style method of cricothyrotomy where the guarded scalpel is used for the incision, aided by an introducer and a small bore cannula is inserted through the cricothyroid membrane in the trachea. The kit includes: a guarded scalpel, introducer (4.0mm I.D./5.4mm), tracheal cannula (90mm in length) neck tape, 15 mm ISO Connector 10 French and suction catheter.

The Mini-Trach II kit is effective to help caregivers administer oxygen, nebulized drugs and bronchial lavage to help diagnose specific diseases of the lungs.

Smiths Medical also carries other kits, some of them to help tracheotomy techniques including the Economy Trach Care Trays and the Portex Percutaneous Trach Kits.

Mini-Trach II - Non Seldinger Kits Features and Benefits

  • Includes all the immediate tools to perform a Non Seldinger method of cricothyrotomy
  • It is all inclusive and sterile to help reduce the chance of cross contamination.
  • The kits helps achieve non Seldinger cricothyrotomy to help caregivers administer oxygen, nebulized drugs, and bronchial lavage.


    a Portex Mini-Trach II - Non Seldinger Kit

    SKU: 500100
    • Mini-Trach II - Non Seldinger Kits Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Smiths Medical
      • Sterility: Sterile
      • Includes:
        • Guarded Scalpel
        • Introducer (4.0mm I.D./5.4mm)
        • Tracheal Cannula (90mm in length) Neck Tape
        • 15mm ISO Connector 10 French
        • Suction Catheter
      • Manufacturer Number: 500100
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