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Aerosol Effusion Bag, manufactured by Allied Healthcare, is a drainage bag that traps water, which ensures that a respiratory patient does not inspire liquid that accumulates in the nebulizer tubing.

The Aerosol Effusion Bag also integrates an in-line "tee" valve and corrugated tubing.

This drainage bag is made of a sturdy vinyl and offers a generous, 700 mL capacity. In addition to being durable and offering a large container, it is also latex free.

If this aerosol drainage bag does not meet your medical needs, check out this effusion bag here.

Aerosol Effusion Bag Features and Benefits


  • Integrates tee valve and corrugated tubing.
  • Latex free.
  • Prevents a patient from inspiring water.


    Aerosol Effusion Bag

    SKU: 64550
    • Aerosol Effusion Bag Specifications


      • Product Number: 64550.
      • Material: Vinyl.
      • Size: 700 mL.
      • Application: To trap water during aerosol therapy.
      • Manufacturer: Allied Healthcare.
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