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The Vyaire Medical AirLife Disposable Tracheostomy Mask effectively delivers oxygen through the patient's tracheostomy during a medical procedure. The clear collar-style trach mask is made of medical grade vinyl that's latex-free to minimize irritation. The neckband features a swivel tubing connector creating convenient access from either side of the patient. It's also designed with a strap to secure around patient's neck with minimal disturbance when removed.

Vyaire Medical manufactures adult (Vyaire 001226, 001227) and pediatric (Vyaire 001226) sizes. If this tracheostomy mask isn't exactly what you are looking for, you may also want to consider Tracheostomy Mask with 360° Swivel by Teleflex Medical.


Features and Benefits

  • Swivel Connector to Access from Any Angle
  • Lightweight
  • Easily Attach and Remove with Minimal Distress
  • Non-Biting Material
  • Non-Irritating Material


    AirLife Disposable Tracheostomy Mask

    SKU: 001225
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Vyaire Medical, formerly Carefusion
      • Brand: AirLife
      • Product Numbers: 001225 (Pediatric), 001226 (Adult), 001227 (Adult, Large)
      • Quantity: Each and Case of 50
      • Size Options: Pediatric, Adult, Adult Large
      • Material: Vinyl
      • Color: Clear
      • Connector Type: Swivel
      • Style: Collar
      • HCPCS Code: A7525
      • Disposable: Yes
      • Style: Collar
      • Latex-Free: Yes
      • Application: Tracheostomy Mask
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