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The Vyaire Medical AirLife Tracheostomy Tube Holder is used after a tracheostomy tube has been placed in the patient. The trach tube holder is placed upon the patient by a nurse or caretaker, someone that knows to take precautions when following procedures for handling the tracheostomy tube as well as when cleaning it.

The Adult Tracheostomy Tube Holder (RES240A) or Pediatric Size (RES242A) are the only two sizes offered. These two sizes should suffice most all patients from small to large in fitting around the neck. The holder can be fastened in place once it has secured the trach tube. The hook and loop closure keeps the tube from moving around while you continue with your daily activities. When it comes time to clean your tracheostomy tube, you can unhook the fastener just as easy as it was to place it on.

Many medical facilities will provide you with a tube holder to prevent complications from occurring, but the holder will eventually get dirty and you would need to find a supplier. While there are many in the market, some with benefits you may like, you should consider the best option for you when making your selection. The AirLife trach tube collar is easy to use with its two simple straps. Completely disposable, you can grab a new holder once your current one becomes dirty to reduce bacteria which can cause irritations on the skin area being covered.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Available in Adult and Pediatric Size
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Helps Keep Trach Tubes in Place
  • Hook and Loop Fastener Tabs
  • Can be Disposed Normally


    AirLife Tracheostomy Tube Holder – Adult, Pediatric

    SKU: RES240A
    • Product Specifications

      • Brand: AirLife
      • Product SKU: RES240A, RES242A
      • Manufacturer: Vyaire Medical
      • Application: Tracheostomy Tube Holder
      • Specifications: Adult, Pediatric
      • Disposable: Yes
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