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AirLife Tri-Flo Suction Catheters feature a special design that makes suctioning procedures less traumatic on patients. Their design includes triangular eyes and a beveled tip that makes the suctioning process more comfortable while still providing high-efficiency suction.

Each of these Tri-flo Suction Catheters includes a control port that allows medical professionals to choose between continuous or controlled suctioning.

Catheters are sterile, individually wrapped and packaged in a plastic sleeve. The plastic sleeve creates an additional layer of safety between the clinician and the patient. Each catheter also includes a pop-up basin for solution.

5/6 french and 8 french catheters feature depth markings for infant and pediatric patients.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to reduce patient discomfort
  • Control port allows continuous or controlled suction
  • Sleeved in plastic for extra safety
  • Depth markings on 5/6 and 8 fr. sizes
  • Individually wrapped (sterile)
  • Pop-up basin included




    AirLife Tri Flo Single-Use Suction Catheter

    SKU: T60C
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer:
      • Manufacturer: Vyaire Medical, formerly Carefusion
      • Single use
      • Sterile
      • Individually wrapped
      • Latex-free
      • Type: Looped
      • Vent: Control Valve
      • Item numbers: T60C, T61C, T63C, T64C
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