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The Cardinal Health Argyle Suction Catheter with Chimney Valve is an attachable device to many aspirator machines on the market, one such option being the MaxiAspirator Aspirator System By evo. These machines are used by trained professionals in most cases or caretakers to vacuum out discharges, mucus, phlegm, fluids, and other liquid type contents from lungs, nasal passage ways and other areas that can be reached inside the body with the help of a catheter device.

The Argyle Suction Catheter with Chimney Valve is a sealed tubing catheter, this design maintains a high level of suction without introducing any potential loss of suction ability due to opened-ends. With a secured seal, the suction machine can perform at its peak abilities to properly complete the suction process. The included chimney valve on the catheter is used to reduce any residual from the vacuum to grant a better control of suction ability.

Made of a flexible PVC plastic, the suction catheter tubing has a thick wall that would not bend so easily as to maneuver into the right direction; but yet still is flexible enough to move downturns and curves within your body without causing a harsh feeling as it makes its way down.

With a large range of catheter sizes, the Argyle Coude Tip Suction Catheter can offer your patients the best size for the best personal comfort - even for the smaller patients. Pediatric sizes from 6 to 8 French catheters are offered in both a Coil pack or a Straight pack. The difference between the Coil and Straight pack is the ability to be entered more conveniently - sometimes passages can have irregularities that could make a straight catheter harder to continue in its insertion process. Graduated markings are made within the design of the catheter to mark its depth for a continue procedure or reference. Note that the catheter should only be used once and should be discarded in bins such as a sharps container to reduce the spread of infections or bodily fluids.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Helps Remove Fluids from Body
  • Sealed Tubing Does not Reduce Suction
  • Chimney Valve Reduces
  • Made of Sturdy PVC Material
  • Wide Variety of French Size
  • Graduated or Straight
  • For Single Use


    Argyle Single Suction Catheters with Chimney Valve

    SKU: 30820
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Cardinal Health
      • Product SKU: 30688, 30888, 31000, 31200, 31400, 31445, 31600, 31800, 33000, 33400, 33425, 33800, 30620, 30820, 31020, 31220, 31420, 31620, 31820
      • Brand: Argyle
      • Application: Suction Catheter
      • Length: 22 Inch Catheter
      • Material: PVC
      • Size: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 French
      • Sterility: Sterile
      • Tip Style: Whistle, DeLee Tip
      • Type: Straight, Graduated
      • Vent Type: Chimney Valve
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