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The Argyle Specimen Trap, by Kendall is a small, sterile container to collect secretions and bodily fluid for analysis. The Argyle Specimen trap container includes graduation lines every 1cc (mL) marked along the side. This is an easy-to-use transparent plastic container that includes a suction accessory and a removable male connector. The kraton tubing slips easily over the cap nipple when suctioning needs to be performed.

The Argyle Specimen Trap has a screw-on cap to replace the suctioning cap, which will cover the lip area and prevent contamination from the non-sterile suction tube.

For more specimen collection options by Kendall, look to the Midstream Urine Collection Container, and for tubing see the Argyle Suction Catheter Kits with Chimney Valve.

Argyle Specimen Trap Features and Benefits

  • The specimen trap connects to a suction catheter to collect fluid material for analysis.
  • The collection trap is sterile to lower the chances of cross contamination.
  • The specimen trap has a lid to screw on and keep the hoses separate.
  • The cup has graduated lines for measurement.


    Argyle Specimen Trap

    SKU: 8884724500
    • Argyle Specimen Trap Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Kendall
      • Capacity: 40mL
      • Material: Polystyrene (cup), Krayton (tube)
      • Color: Transparent
      • Label: Pressure Sensitive
      • Manufacturer Number: 8884724500
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