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Argyle Suction Catheter Kits with Chimney Valve by Kendall is designed to have all the necessary disposable tools right there for a caregiver to help suction out excretions through a patient's tracheotomy tube. The kits come with a hard tray, two latex-free, powder-free gloves and the suction catheter. The catheter has a Chimney Valve that will allow proper suctioning of secretion without picking up residual material, easily controlled with the thumb control valve. The tray has graduated measuring lines for recording data on the amount of secretions obtained.

The Argyle catheters are available in several sizes french to accommodate trach sizes and patient physiology. Other Kendall catheters that utilize the Chimney Valve are the Argyle suction catheters and the Argyle non-graduated suction catheters.

Argyle Suction Catheter Kits Chimney Valve Features and Benefits

  • Chimney Valves Allow for Easier Control
  • Graduated tray for proper measurement
  • Disposable Cannulas for Easy Cleanup
  • Low Drag Surface for Easy Insertion
  • Staggered Opposing Eyelets for Reduce Trauma


    Argyle Suction Catheter Trays with Chimney Valve

    SKU: 36826
    • Argyle Suction Catheter Kits with Chimney Valve Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Kendall
      • Latex Free
      • Sizes
        • 8Fr (2.67mm)
        • 10Fr (3.33mm)
        • 12Fr (4.0mm)
        • 14Fr (4.67mm)
        • 16Fr (6.0mm)
      • Manufacturer Numbers
        • 36826
        • 37024
        • 37224
        • 37424
        • 37724
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