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Bariatric Two-Piece Trach-Ties, by Pepper Medical, are designed for those who need a larger circumference collar to secure and properly position the tracheostomy feeding tube. And not only is this trach collar sized accordingly, it is made fully adjustable with features that add comfort for the patient. It is made to fit a neck up to 28 inches in circumference and has a widened strap that is 1.5 inches to prevent roping. The two-piece design allows for easy adjustment, and for added comfort, the tie has a thick, soft backing that is fastened by hook tabs. Pepper Medical makes the material using their Drywick® technology -- a fabric designed to wick away moisture from the neck, which helps prevent skin redness and irritation under the collar. These come latex free and are sold by the box quantity.



Bariatric Two-Piece Adult Trach-Tie II Features and Benefits


  • The collar fits neck circumferences up to 28 inches.
  • The fabric is made to wick moisture away from the skin to prevent irritation.
  • The collar is padded and comes with hook tabs for added comfort.
  • The trach collar is wide to prevent roping.



    Bariatric Trach-Tie II

    SKU: 501w
    • Bariatric Two-Piece Adult Trach-Tie II Specifications



      • Manufacturer Number: 501W
      • Manufacturer: Pepper Medical
      • Size: Bariatric (Fits Neck Circumference up to 28 Inches)
      • Color: White
      • Material: Drywick®
      • Width: 1 and 1/2 inches
      • Latex Free
      • HCPCS: A7526

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