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Capnostream™ 20p Patient Monitor

Item #: CS08651-03

Manufacturer: Medtronic

Provides an accurate, continuous view of ventilation adequacy on intubated and non-intubated patients, from neonate to adult.


  • Dual Parameter Monitor - Supports current standards of care by providing etCO2 and SpO2 measurements.
  • Smart Alarm Management™ Integrated Algorithms (1.2) - A suite of algorithms proven to reduce alarms and simplify the use of patient monitoring to enhance patient safety and improve clinical efficiency.
  • Smart Breath Detection™ - Screens out low amplitude ‘non-breath’ etCO2 excursions like, talking, crying or snoring.
  • Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis™ (SARA) - Reduces clinically insignificant alarms.
  • Nellcor™ SatSeconds - Alerts clinicians to clinically significant changes in pulse oximetry.
  • Integrated Pulmonary Index™Algorithm presents one value that demonstrates real-time respiratory status based on etC02, RR, PR and Sp02.
  • Apnea-Sat Alert™ Algorithm (ASA ) -Tracks and reports apneas per hour and oxygen desaturation index, and provides the data in trend reports.
  • Connectivity - Compatible with central monitoring systems and interfaces with nurse call systems and electronic medical records.
  • Internal Printer - Provides convenient bedside documentation.

Capnostream™ 20p Patient Monitor

SKU: CS08651-03
  • * No on hand inventory needed
    * Keep traffic down in the waiting room
    * Free Delivery to Veteran's residential
    * No logistic cost (packing materials etc.)
    * No Veteran appointments needed
    * Increaste patient output

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