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he Portex Uncuffed D.I.C Tracheostomy Tubes, by Smiths Medical, feature a strong and smooth construction composed of siliconized polyvinyl chloride this material provides a soft tube that will reduce the risk you have of tracheal trauma. Available in five color-coded adult sizes, the tubes offer easy color-coding to enable caregivers to identify and size tubes quickly. With the built-in 15 mm ISO termination, you can use this tracheostomy supply for ventilator circuit attachment with or without the use of an inner cannula to deliver a sterile Fluid Path with ethylene oxide gas sterilized.

Because a many therapies can be useful in the treatment of heart and lung disorders during respiratory care, Portex Uncuffed Disposable Inner Cannula Tracheostomy Tubes make managing therapeutic devices for respiratory care easy for temporary treatment or while managing more chronic respiratory disorders. D.I.C. trach tubes utilize a disposable inner cannula to reduce the possibility of post-procedural infection and aid patient care and comfort. The 15mm ISO termination is a permanent part of the tube creating a cohesive one-piece outer tube. Smiths Medical D.I.C. tubes are available in five adult sizes, uncuffed, Portex Cuffed DIC Tracheostomy Tubes, and fenestrated styles.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Strong and Smooth Construction Composed of Siliconized Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Provides a Soft Tube That Will Reduce the Risk You Have of Tracheal Trauma
  • Easy Color-coding to Enable Caregivers to Identify and Size Tubes Quickly


    copy of Shiley Cuffles Uncuffeds Tracheostomy Tube with Disposable Inner Cannula

    SKU: 502060
    • Product Specifications

      • Size:
      • 526060: 5.0mm
      • 526070: 6.0mm
      • 526080: 7.0mm
      • 526090: 8.0mm
      • 526100: 9.0mm
      • Sub Brand: Portex
      • Manufacturer: Smiths Medical
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