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DeVilbiss Suction Aspirator Machines are Medical Suctioning Machines or Aspirators manufactured by DeVilbiss. The Devilbiss homecare suction units are available in two basic options—first, as an easy to use Homecare Suction Machine and second, as a Lightweight, Portable Aspirator called the VacuAide Suction Machine. Both the Homecare Suction Machines and the VacuAide Suction Machines provide excellent respiratory care for infants and adults. Both Devilbiss Suction Units come equipped with critical safety and performance advantages.

DeVilbiss Homecare Suction Machines are also referred to as the 7305 Series Homecare Suction Aspirators. These medical suction devices are lightweight and small and easily transportable from room to room. The AC powered model works well in the home or anywhere that AC power is available. However, the 7305PD Model has the additional advantage of a Rechargeable Battery and DC power adapter to provide operation from an automobile, boat or an RV. This Portable Homecare Suction Machine can operate on the go with the battery, can recharge at home or in a hotel, or can power itself from the electrical system of most vehicles.

Homecare Suction Aspirator Components

  • Suction pump.
  • Rechargeable battery (Portable model 7305PD only).
  • AC Power Cord.
  • DC Power Cord (Portable model 7305PD only).
  • 800cc disposable canister with lid.
  • 4 foot connection tubing.
  • 6 foot patient tubing.
  • Carry case (Portable model 7305PD only).
  • Bacteria filter.

Homecare Suction Aspirator Features & Benefits

  • Meets American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) guidelines for neonatal, infant, child and adult homecare suctioning.
  • Automatic float shut-off to prevent overflow.
  • Adjustable Flow Regulator has an easy-to-turn knob conveniently placed directly below gauge. This knob provides easy use and control.
  • The flow regulator knob has safety lock feature which will not allow the knob to be twisted off.
  • 7305PD Portable Model has a rechargeable battery that provides up to one-hour operation.


    DeVilbiss Suction Aspirator Machines

    SKU: 7305D-D
    • Homecare Suction Aspirator Specifications

      • DeVilbiss Homecare Suction Machine Product Numbers: 7305DD, 7305PD.
      • Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 8"
      • Weight: 3.8 lbs. (7305D) 6.3 lbs. (7305P)
      • Vacuum Range: 80 – 550 mmHg.
      • Flow Range: 27 LPM Free Flow.
      • Collection Bottle Capacity: 725 mL.
      • Power Consumption: 33 watts maximum.
      • Integrated bacterial filter.
      • Electrical Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.75 A max.; (7305PD Model - 12 VDC, 33 Watt Max)
      • Switch mode power supply allows operation on any AC voltage 100 V - 240 V.
      • Manufactured and tested to ISO10079-1:1999 Standard.
      • DeVilbiss Aspirator Homecare Suction Unit Warranty: 2 years on suction unit.
      • DeVilbiss Aspirator Homecare Suction Battery Warranty: 90 days.
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