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Gibeck Humid-Vent 1 HME (Teleflex 11112), without CO2 port, is the original heat and moisture exchanger by Teleflex Medical for the purpose of administering anesthesia for mechanically ventilated patients with a tracheostomy tube. This Heat & Moisture Exchanger is also used in emergency care and in ICU when the patient's upper airway is bypassed by trach tube. The design is straight and offers low resistance to flow and is recommended for tidal volumes between 50 to 600 mL. It's bacteriostatic with only 10 mL of dead space to prevent infection while offering high humidification. This humidification keeps airway moist while keeping secretions thick in order to not obstruct the trach tube.

Standard Humid-Vent 1 Heat & Moisture Exchangers are packaged unsterile and available individually or in a case of 50.

Features and Benefits

    Low Dead Space
    Hygroscopic, Bacteriostatic Microwell Paper
    Keeps Airway Moist and Mucus Secretions Thick
    Straight, Low Resistance to Flow
    Bacteriostatic to Prevent Infection in Airway


Gibeck Humid-Vent 1 HME - Straight without Port

SKU: 11112
  • Product Specifications

        Manufacturer: Teleflex Medical
        Brand: Gibeck
        Product Number: 11112
        Quantity: Each, Case of 50
        Connection: w/o Port
        Dead Space: 10 mL
        Tidal Volume: 50-600 mL
        Moisture Output: 30.5, Vt = 0.2L
        Resistance: 0.3, 20 LPM
        Weight: 9.4 g
        Latex-Free: Yes
        Sterile: No
        Application: Heat & Moisture Exchanger
        HCPCS Code: A4483

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