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Trach-Vent Plus + HME, manufactured by Teleflex, is a compact and lightweight HME trach designed for spontaneously breathing patients. This trach accessory is designed to provide the same comfort and humidification that is found in the original Teleflex Trach-Vent while incorporating added features to simplify excessive trach care and maintenance.

The Trach-Vent includes a convenient self opening and closing port, making suctioning a trach simple and cleaning easy. The integral oxygen port gives the option of supplemental oxygen delivery when needed. This HME trach accessory is lightweight at only 6.5 grams and has a high moisture output of 27 mg H2O at 500 mL, making it comparable to the ThermoVent 600 Heat Moisture Exchanger. The Trach-Vent Plus HME can be used for both adults and children making it the optimal choice in ICUs.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Built-In Chamber for Humidified Oxygen
  • Self Opening and Closing Port for Suctioning
  • For Use with Adults and Children


    Gibeck Trach-Vent Plus + HME 41312

    SKU: 41312
    • Product Specifications

      • Product Number: 41312
      • Manufacturer: Teleflex Medical
      • Brand: Gibeck
      • Weight: 6.5 grams
      • Connectors: 15mm Standard Connector
      • Dead Space: 10 mL
      • Medium: Hygroscopic and Bacteriostatic Microwell Paper
      • Resistance to Flow: 0.25 cm H2O at 30 LPM
      • Moisture Loss: 9.5 mg H2O at 500 mL
      • Moisture Output: 27 mg H2O at 500 mL
      • Brand: Gibeck
      • Item Number: 41312
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