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Hudson RCI Large Volume Nebulizer, by Teleflex, is a lightweight, disposable, medical-grade nebulizer designed for use with clinician-provided water to deliver humidified gas in concentrations ranging from 28% to 98%. The outside features clearly marked water level lines for added convenience, while inside can be filled with up to 500 cc's of water. The top contains a bright-yellow, Venturi-Style entrainment ring with increment dial to easily set concentration levels.

Hudson RCI Large Volume Nebulizer Features and Benefits:

  • Venturi-Style Entrainment Ring With Incremental Dial For Setting Oxygen Concentrations.
  • Provides High-Accuracy Delivery of Humidified Gas in Concentrations Ranging Between 28% to 98%.
  • Polypropylene Jar Holds Up to 500cc of Liquid.
  • Clearly Marked Liquid Levels.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use.


    Hudson RCI Large Volume Nebulizer

    SKU: 1770
    • Hudson RCI Large Volume Nebulizer Specifications:

      • Manufacturer: Teleflex
      • Brand: Hudson RCI
      • Latex-Free: No
      • Application: Respiratory
      • Product Number: 1770
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