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Teleflex Humid-Vent Mini is designed especially for neonatal patients and babies to help prevent complications caused by drying of the respiratory mucosa during ventilation. With a dead space of only 2.4 ml, Gibeck Humid-Vent Mini 10011 can be used when tidal volumes of 15-50 ml are needed. This Heat Moisture Exchanger is lightweight, features transparent housing for excellent visibility, and provides over 30mgH2O/L @ Vt 20mL. All Teleflex Gibeck HMEs offer a specialized hygroscopic, bacteriostatic microwell paper that incorporates optimal humidification performance with low resistance to flow. This product is latex, phthalate, and PVC free, and sterile for best patient safety.

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Product Features and Benefits

  • Transparent Housing for Excellent Visibility
  • High Moisture Output Combined with iso Standards 8185 for Active Humidifiers


    Humid-Vent Mini 10011

    SKU: 10011
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Teleflex Medical
      • Brand: GIBECK HUMID-VENT
      • Sub Brand: Hudson RCI
      • Item Number: 10011
      • Dead Space: 2.4 mL
      • Weight: 4.5 g
      • Connectors: 22 M/15 F- 15M
      • Tidal Volume: 15 - 50 mL
      • Resistance to Flow: at 5 1/min., 0.6 cm H2O
      • Moisture Output: 30 mg H2O/L at VT 20 mL
      • Medium: Hygroscopic and Bacteriostatic Microwell Paper
      • Color: Clear
      • Sterile
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