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The 820DLX Series of Adjustable Hospital Bed by Invacare is an electric hospital bed with multi-functioning adjustment features that accommodate patients, medical professionals, and varying mattress sizes. Manufactured in the USA, this 820DLX Series of Hospital Bed is safe, stable, and constructed with trustworthy materials that will last a lifetime when handled with care. The height, length, and bed frame are adjustable for users of all shapes and sizes with specific posture needs. There are two styles of end boards and three woodgrain colors available for your preferred style choice.Product Benefits:

  • Adjustable height is ideal for patients with limited mobility for easy access and independence
  • Manufactured in the USA for a reliable, safe, and trustworthy construction that will last a lifetime
  • Adjustable bed length allows multiple mattress sizes to be applied for patent comfort
  • Ergonomic remote control adjusts the tilt and degree of the hospital mattress
  • Multiple headboard styles and woodgrain colors will enhance your office decor

This product is non-returnable.

Note: This product is for sale in the United States only and is ineligible for International Shipping.


Product Specifications / Dimensions

  • Adjustable Height: 14-inches to 27-inches
  • Adjustable Length: 76-inches to 80-inches
  • Overall Width: 36-inches
  • Weight Limit: 450-lbs
  • Limited Warranty: 1-Year on Electronics, 2-Years on Mechanical, 10-Years on Frame
  • Regulation Compliance: UL 60601-1 and IEC 60601-2-38
  • Made in: USA

Invacare 820DLX Series Adjustable Hospital Beds

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