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Invacare Carroll CS7 long-term care bed Kit with Amherst bed ends in Solar Oak with a built in attendant control panel, and the think soft positioning devices. The Invacare Carroll cu Series innovative CS7 bed has become the industry standard for long-term care beds. With an auto contour feature that simultaneously raises both the head and the knees, residents stay comfortably in place while being better positioned for reading, watching TV or talking to family members. The simultaneous movement Also helps prevent painful skin shearing that might otherwise occur during repositioning.


  • Invacare CS7 bed is a full electric hospital bed with an ergonomic hand pendant that is waterproof and designed with bright universal symbols, allowing the user to easily operate the comfort controls of the bed.
  • 10-function Attendant Control Panel (ACP) allows for users and family members to operate all functions of the bed from the footboard. ACP allows for locking out any or all functions of the hand control directly from the footboard.
  • Floor lock system secures the bed to the floor at all height ranges but allows for Mobilty-On-Demand.
  • Exclusive arched slat deck design allows for improved infection control and reduces wear and tear on mattresses.
  • Tool-less assembly fast connect system allows for faster setup and easier alterations.

Invacare CS7 Bed, Amherst Style Bed Ends Solar Oak IHCS7ACPAMSOTSPD-QSP

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