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The microAIR MA900 Inflatable Mattress by Invacare is more than an inflatable sleeping device. It is a comfortable, adjustable, and healing sleeping aid for patients and loved ones on bed rest. The lateral rotation prevents pulmonary conditions from arising. The MA900 Pump is easy to control and customize so it can be used by anyone regardless of skill level. These mattresses feature an array of clinical features that enhance the longevity of the device, promote patient comfort, and increase the quality of life for those on bed rest.


Product Benefits:

  • 80-inch long mattresses are comfortable, supportive, and adjustable
  • External exhaust system keeps the mattress cool for extended periods of time
  • Removable side bolsters protect patients from falling for their safety
  • The quilted cover is soft and rugged for a lifelong use
  • 1275 LPM pump is powerful, intelligent, and easy to use

Product Specifications / Dimensions

  • Mattress Weight Limit: 600-pounds (Only for 36 W) and 1000-pounds (Only for 42 and 48 W)
  • Mattress Size: 36 W, 42 W, or 48 W x 80 L x 10 H
  • Pump Flow Rate: 1275 LPM
  • Therapy Type: Lateral Rotation and True Low Air Loss

Invacare microAIR MA900 Lateral Rotation True Low Air Loss Mattress with Pump

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