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The Reduced Gap Full-Length Hospital Bed Rail Pair was designed to reduce entrapment hazards. Offering added protection, this bed rail closes most open areas when the bed is in the fully articulated position. The Reduced Gap Full-Length Hospital Bed Rail is intended to prevent patients from rolling out of bed, and should never be used for restraint purposes. Only proper patient monitoring and use of this equipment will ensure patient safety. Bed sold separately. Each purchase includes 2 Reduced Gap Full-Length Hospital Bed Rails.

The 68 in Patial Rail is specifically for Carroll CS Series Beds. It is a traditional style of rail that extends to the length of your bed. The telescoping ability aligns with the movement of the head and foot ends. It easily fits CS3, CS5, CS7, CS9. 36" widths only.Product Benefits:

  • Designed to withstand heavy-duty use for increased product longevity
  • Spring-loaded, self-adjusting crossbraces snap into place without tools
  • Chrome-plated, welded steel construction provides durability and clean-looking finish


Product Specifications / Dimensions

  • Overall Rail Length: 55"
  • Rail Height Above Deck Raised: 14.5"
  • Rail Height Above Deck Lowered: 4.25"
  • Width Between Rails: 36"
  • Shipping Product Weight: 27.5 lb.
  • Warranty: Limited Warranty, 1 Year

Invacare Reduced Gap Full-Length Hospital Bed Rail Pair

SKU: 6629
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