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Cardinal Health Medi-Vac Suction Tubing is available in precut lengths needed for the surgical procedure. This clear PVC tubing connects to a suction handle to effectively remove fluids during a surgical procedure. Non-Conductive Tubing means that it drapes well and molds well to withstand high vacuum pressure with low coil memory. It comes with a rigid male connector when additional tubing is introduced. In addition, the Maxi-Grip Connector ensures a secure fit to a wide range of surgical instruments such as a Medi-Vac Yankauer Suction Handle, that's lightweight and designed with a clear tapered bulbous tip. You may also want to check out other connecting tubes manufactured by Cardinal Health. Check out Argyle Connecting Tubes, with Sure Grip Molded Connector.

Medi-Vac Nonconductive Clear Suction Tubing is available in a single tube or a case of pre-cut lengths. Each length is packaged individually to maintain sterility for quick application for the surgical procedure.

Features and Benefits

  • Tubing Resists Collapse up to 22 Inch Hg Vacuum
  • Packaged Sterile
  • Maxi-Grip Connector Fits Variety of Surgical Instruments
  • Nonconductive Tubing Handles High Vacuum Pressure
  • Low Coil Memory
  • Includes Male Connector to Add More Tubing


    Medi-Vac Suction Tubing with Maxi-Grip & Male Connector

    SKU: N52A
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Cardinal Health, formerly Alliance
      • Brand: Medi-Vac
      • Product Number: N52A, N56A, N66A
      • Quantity: Each, Case
      • Size Options: 1-1/2 Foot x 3/16 ID, 6 Foot x 1/4 Inch ID, 6 Foot x 3/16 Inch
      • Application: Connector Suction Tubing
      • Color: Clear
      • Sterile: Yes
      • Latex-Free: Yes
      • Connectors: Maxi-Grip and Male
      • Material: Nonconductive Plastic
      • Tube Surface: Smooth
      • HCPCS Code: A4616
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