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Stoma Guard ShowerShield, manufactured by Medmart, is a trusted name in stoma convenience products. Simple to apply, the Stoma Guard ShowerShield is designed to prevent water from entering the stoma during a shower allowing you to breathe freely. Each ShowerShield comes with thirty tape discs that fully seals out water or cleansers. Shower worry free with a stoma shield you can depend on. The clear tubing makes maintenance and cleaning uncomplicated. We also carry sanitized wipes to make your stoma care even more simple

Product Features and Benefits

  • Completely Shields Stoma when Showering
  • Allows for Clear, Unobstructed Breathing
  • Easy Stoma Maintenance
  • Simple Shield Application


    Medmart Stoma Guard ShowerShield

    SKU: STG-1
    • Ready Made StomaShield Stoma Cover Specifications

      • ReadyMade StomaShield Trach Cover Product Number: READYMADE.
      • Size: Small.
      • Application: Laryngectomy Cover.
      • Material: Polyester urethane foam.
      • Non-allergenic.
      • Non-toxic.
      • Individually packaged.
      • Manufacturer: MedMart.
      • HCPCS Code: A4649.
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