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Neonatal Adaptor Kit, manufactured by Teleflex Medical, is a nebulizer adaptor and tubing designed specifically for infants.

This product is for use under direct supervision of a medical professional. Does not include nebulizer for baby or oxygen tubing.

Neonatal Adaptor Kit Contents


  • 12 inch, 10 mm corrugated tubing.
  • 18 mm nebulizer adaptor.
  • Neonatal tee.


Neonatal Adaptor Kit Features and Benefits


  • Comes in a kit.
  • Latex-free.


    Neonatal Adaptor Kit

    SKU: 1792
    • Neonatal Adaptor Kit Specifications


      • Product Number: 1792.
      • Application: To provide a connection between a nebulizer and an infant.
      • Manufacturer: Teleflex Medical.
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