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Oxymizer Mustache Style Oxygen Conserver 24/Case

Item #: O-224

Manufacturer: CHAD Therapeutics

The Oxymizer® is a disposable reservoir cannula. It's the simplest conserving device available today, operating without electronics, batteries, switches, or flow controls.


  • The Oxymizer® can be used with liquid oxygen devices to increase the duration of the reservoir, decreasing costs.
  • It can also be used with high flow patients as an alternative to non-rebreather masks.
  • The Oxymizer can increase the overall patient comfort level, as compared to a full mask, thus decreasing patient anxiety.

Oxymizer Mustache Style Oxygen Conserver 24/Case

SKU: O-224
  • * No on hand inventory needed
    * Keep traffic down in the waiting room
    * Free Delivery to Veteran's residential
    * No logistic cost (packing materials etc.)
    * No Veteran appointments needed
    * Increaste patient output

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