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This is the original Passy Muir Value (PMV). While it is more commonly used by non-ventilator dependent persons, it can also be used in-line with mechanical ventilators in conjunction with non-disposable, flexible rubber tubing.


Passy Muir Speaking Valves (PMVs) have a patented closed position "No Leak" design that restores a closed respiratory system. They are the only product that the FDA approves for all of the following uses:

  • Communication
  • Facilitates Secretion Management
  • Improves Swallowing
  • Expedites Weaning and Decannulation
  • May Reduce Aspiration
  • Restores Positive Airway Pressure
  • Ventilator Application
  • Facilitates Infection Control
  • Improves Olfaction
  • Interchangeability Between Tracheostomy and Ventilator Use
  • Improves Oxygenation

Passy-Muir is a true, industry innovator. The "No Leak" design re-establishes a closed respiratory system and restores subglottic pressure, which improves swallowing and may reduce aspiration. Theses are the only products with built-in speaking valves that can be used interchangeably on or off the ventilator for pediatrics and adults. The Trach Valves offer ventilator dependent patients the opportunity to speak uninterrupted without having to wait for the ventilator to cycle, and without being limited to a few words at a time due to loss of air through the tracheostomy tube as experienced by patients using "leak speech".

How to Select the Correct Trach Ventilator

  • Home Patients or Ambulatory Patients: Use either the PMV2000 (Clear) or the PMV2001 (Purple colored) . The clearness of the PMV2000 is desirable for patients who would like their valve to be less noticeable and to maintain a lower profile. The PMV2000 and PMV2001 can also be used in conjunction with the PMA2000 Oxygen Adapter to deliver low-flow oxygen to the patient.
  • Hospital Patients: Use the PMV2001 (Purple colored) for patients who are in a hospital setting.
  • Disposable Ventilator Tubing: PMV007 (Aqua colored) is specifically designed to fit inline with disposable ventilator tubing.
  • Metal Tracheostomy Tubes: Metal trach tubes with a 15mm inner cannula can be used with the PMV2000 (Clear) .

PMV055 WHITE Tracheostomy Ventilator Speaking Valve PMV005

    • Product ID Number: PMV005.
    • Color: White.
    • Inside Diameter: 15mm.
    • Outside Diameter: 23mm.
    • Application: Speaking.
    • User: Adult.
    • Disposable.
    • HCPCS Code: L8501.
    • UNSPSC Code: 42272214.
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