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The Smiths Medical Portex RSP Tracheal Tube Holders adhere to the patient’s skin to securely hold a tracheal tube in place. An integrated tracheal slide-on locking device holds the tube without the use of tape, safety pins, or sutures. The RSP tracheal tube holders allow readjustment without re-adhering or re-taping. Portex RSP Adult Tracheal Tube Holders fit three different sizes of tracheal tubes: 4.5 mm (K1000), 7.0 mm (K2000), and 9.0 mm (K3000). A

Features and Benefits

  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive Backed
  • Easy Slide-on Locking Device
  • Easy Tube Re-Adjustment
  • Tapeless Procedure


    Portex RSP Endotracheal Tube Holders

    SKU: k1000
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Smiths Medical
      • Product Numbers: K1000, K2000, K3000
      • Application: Securing Adult Endotracheal Tubes
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