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THERMOVENT HME Filters, manufactured by Smiths Medical, works with the THERMOVENT 600 HME and THERMOVENT HME T Style to recover lost energy and moisture.

These filters include high efficiency HME paper elements to recover approximately 75 percent of the energy and moisture that is typically lost through respiration.

The THERMOVENT HME Filters provide low resistance to flow with minimal pressure build. This can help with weaning patients off of a ventilator since the work of breathing effort is greatly reduced.

The design of each filter features small dead space of 11.3 - 32 mL, making it suitable for both ventilated and spontaneously breathing patients.

The filters are fully compatible with other breathing systems or masks making them ideal for CPAP machines and oxygen concentrators. BUY THERMOVENT HME Filters from Vitality Medical today.

THERMOVENT HEM Filters Features and Benefits

  • Provides High Efficiency
  • Recovers Energy and Moisture Typically Lost Through Respiration
  • Low Resistance to Flow
  • Small Dead Space
  • Full Compatibility with Breathing Systems or Masks


    Portex THERMOVENT 600 HME Heat Moisture Exchanger

    SKU: 580011
    • THERMOVENT HME Filters Specifications

      • Sterile
      • Tidal Volume: 100 - 1200 mL
      • Dead Space: 11.3 - 32 mL
      • Resistance to Flow: 1.2 - 2.9 mL at 1 LPM
      • THERMOVENT HME Filters Item Numbers: 100580015, 100582000
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