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Posey Foam Trach Ties are designed with patient comfort in mind. The specialized collar secures in place and adds support to the tracheostomy tube or oxygen cannula with added comfort. Unlike other Trach Collars, Posey Foam Trach Ties have a pillow-like surface offering a soft touch to both the tracheostomy holder and the collar to offer optimal comfort. It also acts as a barrier to prevent skin irritation from rubbing or collar biting down on the skin. The plastic trach holder has soft, rounded edges to add to the comfort and won't poke or encumber movement when patient turns neck.


Posey's secure design with "double track" allows for a sure fit. The hook fastener attaches to the fuzzy side of the neck pad. Posey Foam Trach Ties gives patients peace of mind that even during extreme coughing fits or spasms, the tracheal tube or oxygen cannula will stay in place and help prevent removal, extubation and decannulation.

Posey Foam Trach Ties are offered as a one-piece collar making it very convenient for the user. There is no cutting or sizing required. Posey Foam Trach Ties are available in three neck sizes to fit infants, adolescents and adults. Each collar has an adjustable strap to give a comfortable fit. A proper fit is when the entire tie rests smoothly on the neck with no slack. Posey Foam Trach Ties can easily be removed and can be washed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comfortable Design
  • Allows for a Secure Fit
  • Double Trach Design to Prevent Extubation
  • Adjustable
  • Convenient One-Piece Design
  • Rounded-Edges
  • Won't Irritate Skin
  • Fits Most Tracheostomy Tubes
  • Washable
  • Three Size Options
  • Latex-Free


    Posey Foam Trach Collar Ties

    SKU: 8197L
    • Specifications:

      • Collar Material: Soft Foam
      • Trach Holder: Plastic
      • Manufacturer: Posey
      • Item Numbers: 8197S, 8197M, 8197L
      • Posey Foam Trach Ties Information

      Size Options:

      Small (Infant) Neck Size: 7-9 Inches

      • Length: 9 Inches
      • Width 1 Inch

      Medium (Pediatric to Adult) Neck Size: 9-14 Inches

      • Length: 18.5 Inches
      • Width: 1 Inch

      Large (Adult) Neck Size 13-19 Inches

      • Length: 23 Inches
      • Width: 1 Inch
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