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ebulizer Kit Prefilled With Sterile Water, manufactured by CareFusion, delivers optimum performance and ease of use for respiratory patients, especially patients requiring sterile water for inhalation, USP.

This prefilled nebulizer offers both heated or cool high-output aerosols. Additionally, this prefilled nebulizer is adjustable from 28 to 100% FiO2, fraction of inspired oxygen.

To augment your respiratory therapy, you can add the optional and complementary nebulizer heater here. In addition to heating the aerosol, this heater will simultaneously reduce the possibility of contamination.

If this medical product does not meet your specific and unique medical needs, check out this sterile water for nebulizer here.

Nebulizer Kit Prefilled With Sterile Water Features and Benefits


  • Delivers both heated and cool aerosols.
  • Easy set-up design.
  • Optional and complementary products, such as the nebulizer heater.


    Prefilled Sterile Water Nebulizer Kit with Nebulizer Cap

    SKU: CK0005
    • Nebulizer Kit Prefilled With Sterile Water Specifications


      • Product Numbers: CK0005 and CK0010.
      • Sizes: 500 mL and 1,000 mL.
      • Application: To assist with respiratory therapy and tracheal irrigation.
      • Manufacturer: Vyaire Medical - fka CareFusion.
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