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Colored Trach Ties are a popular respiratory accessory that Pepper Medical distributes as Rainbow Ties™. Rainbow Ties™ are a great addition for children with tracheostomy tubes to bring a little color to an otherwise drab looking trach collar device. These collars are similar with features shared among Pepper Pedi-Ties®. This model comes through in look and in function and comes in either a one or two-piece system. The collars come with a variety of colorways including pastel and bold. The Rainbow Ties® are made with a moisture wicking technology that Pepper refers to as Drywick® -- a fabric that draws moisture to the surface rather than irritating the skin below the collar. The collar includes a soft plush backing that makes it more comfortable for the wearer.



Rainbow Ties™ Features and Benefits

  • Added colors lighten the mood and are a hit with children.
  • They are soft, hypoallergenic, no-stretch cotton that ensures patient safety and comfort.
  • They wick away moisture from under the color reducing the chance of irritation and skin breakdown.
  • Collars and easy to adjust.
  • The plush backing adds more comfort.



    Rainbow Ties

    SKU: 301PRP
    • Rainbow Ties® Specifications


      • Manufacturer Numbers: 301PRBC, 301PRP, 301PRT, 301PRV, 501PRTA (two-piece)
      • Manufacturer: Pepper Medical
      • Colors: Bold, Pastel and Variety
      • Dimensions: One-Piece: 11 1/2 inch x .75 inches, Two-Piece: 16 inch x .75 inches
      • HCPCS: A7526
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