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S9 Elite

Item #: 36003

Manufacturer: ResMed


  • New platform design is stylish and user-friendly
  • New Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor is exceptionally quiet, making it easy to integrate into the patient's (and bed partners) lifestyle
  • Color LCD interface with intuitive menu and push-and-turn dial reduces setup time and improves ease of use
  • SlimeLine™ tube is 40% lighter and 20% slimmer than standard tubing, reducing tube drag and allowing for greater flexibility
  • Optional H5i™ heated humidifier with Climate Control seamlessly integrates to improve comfort and compliance

S9 Elite

SKU: 36003
  • * No on hand inventory needed
    * Keep traffic down in the waiting room
    * Free Delivery to Veteran's residential
    * No logistic cost (packing materials etc.)
    * No Veteran appointments needed
    * Increaste patient output

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