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The Schuco S430A Suction Aspirator w/ 800cc Canister, Tubing & Filter provides the powerful suction needed to help pump fluids. People who may use this, are those who suffer from fluid in lungs, gasses built-up, or tissue from body cavities that need to be removed. The large 800 cc canister holds the fluid being vacuumed out of the body. The canister can be disposed of when filled. A quite motor measured at 58 decibels, makes it a quite machine for home use. With allergies, mucus tends to build up, and with infants also suffering from this, clearing nasal passages can be rough. A simple attachment of the suction tube and applying adapters will help ease mucus cleaning sessions.

Made of durable metal and prevents flaking, being a hospital grade sanitary machine for the home. Adjusting the pressure precisely as possible is obtainable. The Vibration-Free gauge allows you to easily read measurements at accuracy. Provided with a warranty longer than most other manufacturers, you can use your suction aspirator knowing you will be covered for 2 years from your time of purchase - giving you even more peace of mind.

Suction Tube For Medical Suction Pump are available for purchase if you are needing a replacement.


Product Features and Benefits

  • Meets Aspirator Standards
  • Includes Suction Tube and Filter
  • Quiet Motor at 58 Decibels
  • Large 800 cc Collection Cup
  • Disposable Container
  • Durable Metal Canister
  • Vibration-Free Gauge
  • 2-Year Warranty

Schuco S430A Suction Aspirator w/ 800cc Canister, Tubing & Filter

SKU: S430A
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