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Schuco-Vac S330A Aspirator with 800 cc canister, tubing, filter and molded base, manufactured by Allied Healthcare, is a Suction Aspirator that is durable and problem free. Suction aspirators can be used for general drainage. Some other general uses are gastric drainage, thoracic drainage, surgical procedures, dental suction or ear, nose and throat drainage. Use only as directed by a doctor.

The Allied Medical Schuco S330A Suction Aspirator features a vacuum regulation of 0-22 Hg. This Suction Unit contains a bacteria filter which prevents contaminating fluids from entering the pump and damaging it. Unlike other Medical Suction Pumps, Scucho aspirators are vibration free. This anti-vibration feature prevents the suction unit from getting damaged due to vibration. Lack of vibration makes the gauges easier to read. The canister is also held in place more securely than some other suction aspirators due to durable metal braces. These high flow suction machines have more capability than some other aspirators without as much noise. The Schuco s330a Aspirator machine is an ideal for a busy clinic or dentist office where it will see a lot of use. It uses a standard sized canister so they are compatible with some aftermarket canisters.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Quick-connect Tubing
  • Easy to Read Regulator Gauge
  • Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter Prevents Flooding and Damage from Contaminates
  • Hospital Grade Plug
  • High Flow Range
  • Includes 3 Filters

Schuco-Vac S330A Suction Aspirator w/ 800cc Canister, Tubing/Filter & Molded Ba

SKU: S330A
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