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With the new Shiley Flexible Tracheostomy Tube Cuffless Inner Cannulas breathing becomes easier and much more comfortable. The Beveled tip makes insertion incredibly easy, reducing the force used to put it in by 39%. The tube is flexible for increased comfort, while still strong enough to make sure your airway is still open. It comes complete with a taperguard cuff with multiple benefits. Not only does it reduce irritation from the tube rubbing against the airway, but it reduces fluid from leaking and helps with the weaning process when deflated, increasing airflow and allowing you to breathe easier.

The Flange or outer lip serves to further increase that comfort level. It fits comfortably against the neck with reduced contact with the skin in order to avoid itchiness and irritation. This outer rim also has windows so your skin can breathe, which is especially helpful for sensitive skin. The inner cannula, or tube, is reusable. Keep it for up to 29 days before a new one is needed.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Reduced Irritation with Low Profile Cuff
  • Easy Insertion with Beveled Tip
  • Flexible Cannula
  • Maintains Open Airway
  • Taper Shaped Cuff Reduces Leaking
  • Integrated Connector
  • Flange Material- Less Skin Irritation
  • Flange Windows- Increase Airflow to Sensitive Skin
  • Less Pressure on Trachea
  • Increased Airflow
  • Easier to Wean from Tube
  • Reusable Inner Cannula


    Shiley Percutaneous Trachesotomy Tube with Disposable Inner Cannula

    SKU: 6PERC
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