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Phonate Speaking Valve by Mallinckrodt is a trach speaking valve designed for use on alert, awake tracheostomy patients who can breathe without assisted mechanical ventilation. It directs airflow past the vocal chords, giving patients the ability to speak without finger occlusion.

Airflow in the speaking valve passes through oral and nasal chambers, decreasing secretions. It also increases smelling abilities and improves swallowing.

Use of this valve reduces hygiene and infection concerns compared to finger occlusions. Its design is to help minimize the work of breathing, as well as minimizing additional pressure on the stoma site.

This valve connects to a 15mm connector on the tracheostomy tube. It adapts to most tracheostomy tubes, including pediatric sizes.

There is a convenient hinge cap for the speaking valve that allows easy cleaning. There is also an optional oxygen supplement port and cap available.

Phonate Speaking Valve by Mallinckrodt is lightweight. It is packaged and sold individually.

Phonate Speaking Valve Features and Benefits
  • Lightweight
  • Trach Speaking Valve
  • For Use on Alert, Awake Tracheostomy Patients
  • Directs Airflow Past the Vocal Chords
  • Gives Patients Ability to Speak Without Finger Occlusion
  • Airflow Through Oral and Nasal Chambers Decreases Secretion
  • Increases Smelling Abilities
  • Improves Swallowing
  • Reduces Hygiene and Infection Concerns
  • Helps Minimize Work of Breathing
  • Minimizes Additional Pressure on the Stoma Site
  • Adapts to Most Tracheostomy Tubes, Including Pediatric Sizes
  • Convenient Hinge Cap Allows Easy Cleaning
  • Optional Oxygen Supplement Port and Cap

Shiley Speaking Valves

  • Phonate Speaking Valve Specifications

    • Item Number: SSV, SSVO
    • Connects to 15mm Connector
    • Packaged and Sold Individually
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