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Trach Trachea Shower Cover is a throat stoma cover designated for use while in the shower. Simultaneously comfortable and easy to put on and take off, this tracheal stoma cover features a unique Velcro fastener that offers the perfect fit without tie backs. If you're searching for a throat stoma that is lightweight and hassle-free, look no farther than this convenient, comfortable and protective tracheal stoma cover.

Trach Trachea Shower Cover is constructed with medically-approved vinyl that remains soft and that will not irritate the skin. Lightweight, comfortable and non-invasive, this is an ideal tracheotomy cover for complete water protection while in the shower.

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Trach Trachea Shower Cover Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable shield goes on and off in seconds.
  • Unique Velcro fastener offers a perfect fit without tie-backs.
  • Made from lightweight, medically-approved vinyl that remains soft.


    Shower Shield Stoma Cover Tracheotomy Laryngectomy Cover

    SKU: 1070
    • Trach Trachea Shower Cover Specifications

      • Product Number: 1070
      • Manufacturer: Superior Surgical Supply
      • Not suitable for swimming.
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