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Smiths Medical Portex Bacterial Viral Filters connect to a ventilator appliance for artificial respiration during anesthesia or while patient is in intensive care. This respiratory accessory effectively protects the patient by filtering the air. It's made of electrostatically-charged polypropylene which means it naturally cleans the air as particles are attracted to the static charge. This creates a filtration efficiency of 99.9 percent.

The Portex Bacterial Filter has multi-vents and features a flexible coupler to fight tight connections. The circuit end measures 22 mm with BARB connector and the patient end connection is 15 mm I.D. x 22 O.D. The Portex 002863 Ventilator Filter can be purchased individually or by the case of 40 filters. The filters are packaged non-sterile.

Smiths Medical also manufactures adapters needed for mechanically ventilated patients who require tracheostomy or endotracheal tube.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses Electrostatic Fibers to Attract Particles
  • Cleans Air to Protect Patient from Breathing in Harmful Bacteria
  • Flexible Coupler for Easy Connection to Tight Fittings
  • Achieves 99.9 Percent Filtration


    Sims Portex Breathing Filter

    SKU: 002862
    • Patient End Connection 15mm ID x 22mm OD - Circuit End Connection 22mm ID


      Patient End Connection 15mm ID x 22mm OD - Circuit End Connection 22mm ID

      Case of 40

      Product Specifications

      • Product Number: 002863
      • Manufacturer: Smiths Medical
      • Brand: Portex
      • Quantity: Each, Case of 40
      • Latex-Free: Yes
      • Weight: 20 g
      • Patient End Connection: 15 mm I.D. x 22 mm O.D.
      • Circuit End Connection: 22 mm I.D.
      • Media: Electrostatically-Charged Polypropylene
      • Filter Dead Space: 32 mLmp
      • Efficiency: <99.9%
      • Resistance to Flow: 1.0 hPa (1.0 cm H20) at 0.5 L/sec (30 L/min)
      • Sterile: No
      • Application: Filtration from Ventilator During Anesthesia or Intensive Care
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