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SleePap Pillow with Pillow Case

Item #: SS6339

Manufacturer: Hudson

The SleePAP™ CPAP Pillow finally provides a sleeping pillow solution specifically designed for CPAP patients. Designed by a CPAP user, this pillow improves comfort and compliance by addressing common issues with pillows and CPAP therapy, including side-sleeping, bulky CPAP masks, and CPAP tube placement. Customized with mask-friendly contours and 2.5 lbs of hypoallergenic fill, the SleePAP CPAP Pillow is a comfortable, durable pillow for sleep apnea sufferers that is a revolutionary answer to discomfort and disturbed sleep during CPAP therapy. Don’t be fooled by imitations – the SleePAP Pillow is the highest quality CPAP Pillow on the market today, brought to you by a leader in CPAP equipment and supplies.

SleePap Pillow with Pillow Case

  • * No on hand inventory needed
    * Keep traffic down in the waiting room
    * Free Delivery to Veteran's residential
    * No logistic cost (packing materials etc.)
    * No Veteran appointments needed
    * Increaste patient output

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